Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Green Light for “Boston vs. The World” TV Show


April 28, 2010 – Metropolitan Pictures, in partnership with Stingray Body Art, Boston Boxing & Fitness and 21 Nickels Grille & Tap, are pleased to announce a “Green Light” for their new original boxing TV series “Boston vs. The World” to be aired on the New England Sports Network (NESN.)

Following the success of the 7-episode reality-TV show “Boston Boxing: Team Training,” which began airing in December 2009, this new series will first build a “New England All-Stars Team” from among the best amateur boxers in the region, who will then compete, in later events and episodes, against teams and boxers from all over the US and the world.

Each episode will be one hour long, and will feature interviews with the competitors, close-up coverage of the fights and corner-action, interviews with VIP guests, and will feature commentary and more by renowned local boxing trainer and competition promoter Ed LaVache, owner of the Boston Boxing & Fitness Club in Allston, MA.

Episode 1 will be filmed on May 1, 2010 at the Club Royale (formerly The Roxy) 279 Tremont St., Boston, and will feature the selection competition for the New England All-Stars team. Episode 2 will be filmed on September 11, 2010 at the Club Royale, and will feature the New England All-Stars competing against select teams and boxers from New York State. Additional events and episodes will be announced as the series progresses and traveling schedules are secured.

The goal of the show is to bring regional and national attention to the highly-competitive and often-overlooked amateur boxing talent in New England - and across the world - and to also provide one of the most exciting annual amateur boxing event series in the country.

Each episode will begin airing one month after filming on the New England Sports Network (NESN) in prime –time slots (to be announced) with multiple prime-time and weekend repeats. NESN is “the goto network for sports” in the New England region and reaches nearly 4 million viewers within Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire Connecticut, Rhode Island and Cape Cod, and nearly another 2 million via satellite.

For more information please contact:
Scott Matalon
President, Metropolitan Pictures

Scott Matalon of Stingray comments on war over restaurant closing hours

McDonald's says it will close Allston restaurant if city doesn't grant later closing time
Scott Matalon, owner of Stingray Body Art and vice president of Allston Village Main Streets, said inconsistent hours are "causing great problems" for local business groups trying to attract news businesses to the area. "We would like to see some consistency in closing hours," partly because of fairness, partly because people are simply safe inside a well lit restaurant or cafe than walking down a dark street. He didn't buy the argument that if every place shut at the same time, the result would be chaos in the streets of Allston, because Allston's the sort of place where that would have happened long ago no matter what, and it hasn't.