Friday, September 10, 2010

Press Release: Quiet Desperation to air on MyTV New England

September 7, 2010 – Metropolitan Pictures, LLC is very proud to announce the airing of its new TV show, “QUIET DESPERATION” – the ONLY locally-produced television series filmed in Boston; on Friday evenings at 11pm into 2.8M homes on the MyTV New England network, beginning Christmas Eve, Friday, December 24th 2010.

QUIET DESPERATION, written and directed by Allston comedian/musician Rob Potylo, blends together a hilarious and cutting-edge mixture of near-Reality TV and improvised comedy (think of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” meets “Jersey Shore”) as it follows a cast of Allston-area musicians, artists and comics living, working and trying to “make it” in the entertainment business in Boston.

Many of the stars of the show are already well on their way, including Rob Potylo himself, who was the 2nd place winner of the 2010 Andy Kaufman Awards plus Joe Wong, 2-time David Letterman guest and headlining host of the “Radio & Television Correspondents Dinner” with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden; Tom Dustin, the only American ever to win the Canadian “Yuck Yuck Comedy Laugh Off” and Friday night host at Mottley’s Comedy Club; and a supporting cast of nearly 200 local musicians, actors and comics with numerous appearances on “Last Comic Standing” on NBC and “Live At Gotham” on Comedy Central among many other accolades.
QUIET DESPERATION will enjoy a 9-month run of 18 half-hour episodes, aired every Friday evening at 11pm with a new episode being premiered two times per month (and a repeat of the current episode on the off weeks.) This expanded schedule enables Rob Potylo and Metropolitan Pictures to incorporate current events and developments in the artists’ lives into the scripts, similar to the running-production approach of “South Park,” “Family Guy” and others; as well as to integrate feedback received from viewers and fans through the extensive Web presence of the show on its website, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter social networks.

The “running production” approach also enables QUIET DESPERATION to be the ONLY show that offers local and regional sponsor/advertisers the ability to seamlessly embed products and promotions directly into the show itself. Metropolitan Pictures president and co-founder Scott Matalon says, “Embedded advertising is four times more likely to reach a consumer than traditional commercials” and adds that “Rob and Quiet Desperation are so smart and cutting-edge, we’re going to reach a lot of teens and young adults with this show and they’re going to just love it.”

MyTV New England General Manager Doug Finck agrees and adds, “To me Quiet Desperation represents the new model of locally-produced television; aggressive, highly creative and offering new ways of advertising into the mix. It’s a powerful combination when creative talent is properly supported by appropriate levels of production, broadcast accessibility and internet-based social networking. MyTV New England is very excited about bringing Quiet Desperation to New England. ”

Rob Potylo, who is the creative eye of the tornado that is QUIET DESPERATION says, “We’re trying to make a “Saturday Night Live” for Boston-area comics, and we think people from all over the country are going to want to watch it. The talent here is incredible, and I’m on Cloud 9 working with all of these people I love.” When asked about working with sponsors and advertisers, Rob adds, “People won’t TIVO past the embedded parts or the commercials that we make, they’re really fun parts of the show and we’re having a great time making them. We’re very excited about receiving the kind of positive support our sponsors are showing us.”

Metropolitan Pictures (16 Farrington Ave., Allston, MA) is a local filmed entertainment production studio in Allston, MA and is currently in production of season two of its 7-episode reality-sports “Boston Boxing” series which is broadcast on New England Sports Network (NESN), is currently releasing the feature-length crime-drama movie “Cricket Snapper,” and in 2005 released the feature-length cult-comedy movie “Pony Trouble,” which is available at Blockbuster and Both releases are distributed domestically and Internationally by leading underground film distributor Brain Damage Films of Tempe, AZ.

MyTV New England (11 A Street, Derry, NH) is the My Network TV affiliate for the Boston-Manchester market. It reaches 2.4M households in the New England region including MA, NH, ME, VT and Cape Cod. MyTV New England is available on all cable systems (Comcast, RCN, Charter, MetroCast, etc.), both satellite systems (DirecTV and Dish Network), Verizon FiOS and over-the-air terrestrial broadcast.

For more information or to become a sponsor, please contact:
Scott Matalon, Metropolitan Pictures or 617-901-3418

Doug Finck, MyTV New England or 207-774-0051 x155